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This week I started watching a mediocre sitcom on the UK’s Gold TV channel called Marley’s Ghosts. While nothing to shout about, it did give me my inspiration for this week’s Five for Friday and, seeing as Halloween is approaching, what could be more appropriate than TV apparitions.

Marley’s Ghosts

Marley (Sarah Alexander) finds herself losing loved ones and acquaintances left and right. First her drunken and indifferent husband Adam (John Hannah) followed in quick succession by her lover/work colleague Michael (Nicholas Burns) and the vicar (Jo Joyner) who officiated Adam’s funeral. Now Marley has a trio of ghosts following her everywhere and she’s not dealing with it very well. Is it Marley or her spectral shadows that are in need of closure?


Being Human‘s Annie

Though viewers were introduced to many an intriguing ghost in the course of this series, it cannot be debated that Annie Sawyer is the most endearing motherly poltergeist you’d ever want to meet. Sure, she has unfinished business which prevents her from leaving through Death’s Door, but she keeps the house ship shape and her boys in line. Annie is always there with a cup of tea and a sympathetic ear. But murder her and she doesn’t play so nicely…


The Fades

Speaking of unfinished business, what if you couldn’t complete the process of dying? Then you might be a Fade. The Fades aren’t exactly ghosts, but they’re pretty darn close. They are humans who have died, but weren’t able to get through one of the world’s quickly diminishing ascension points. They are trapped on Earth, doomed to age and decay while their loved ones, unaware of their torment, move on with their lives. It’s understandable then that these living corpses might get a bit down in the mouth.


Last Tango in Halifax

It’s probably more accurate to say that Kate (Nina Sosanya) is a figment of Caroline’s (Sarah Lancashire) grief-stricken imagination than a ghost. Whatever she is, Kate’s sudden death is haunting Caroline all the same. It’ll take time and several more chats with her beloved for Caroline to finally let go of this gentle, loving soul.

Caroline coping with grief by talking to "ghost" Kate image credit Red Production Co and BBC

Caroline coping with her loss by talking to “ghost” Kate
image credit Red Production Co and BBC


The Black Adder’s Richard III

Decapitation is one of the risks of war in the Middle Ages, I suppose. However, when you’re struck down by the “friendly sword” of one of your underlings, you’re bound to be irritated. Haunting (complete with mortifying name calling) is just what a recently deceased monarch needs to vent his copious amount of frustration.

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So did everyone survive the 21st?

I wasn’t terribly concerned about the whole Mayan calendar interpretation thing.  I’d heard enough from scholars, NASA and sane people in general to feel fairly confident that a planet shattering cataclysm was not going to occur on the winter solstice.

What does make me feel a bit uncomfortable are those out there who believe a prophesy or prediction is a “sign” for them to take action and bring about the end of the world. You know, religious fanatics, New Age-ers, right-wing politicians.

So let’s recap.  This didn’t happen…

Sean and his friends fighting off a zombie invasion with a cricket bat and gardenng tools

Shaun and his friends fighting off a zombie invasion with a cricket bat and gardening tools


Nor did earthbound dead people, called the Fades, run amok driving last-minute holiday shoppers from the  malls:


Actually, based on what I’ve seen on the telly, threats to the Earth are handled by a select group of highly-trained experts who dedicate their lives to protecting humanity from alien aggressors…

When not shagging one another, the Torchwood team is viligently monitoring rift activity

When not shagging one another, the Torchwood team diligently monitors rift activity


But more likely, if we were rescued from an otherworldly attack at Christmas time, I’m positive this is where the credit lies…

Doctor Who Xmas


Just like the Mayan calendar, today we can all begin a new era, or baktun, if you like.  If I’ve gained anything from all this hype and hubbub, it’s the reminder that we should live in the moment, appreciate what we have and not fixate on the future.  Tomorrow will probably come and, if for some reason it doesn’t, at least I won’t have any regrets.

Happy Christmas to my readers and may your 2013 be prosperous, joyous and Armageddon-free!

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