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Doubtless you are aware that very soon this man will become a grandfather for the first time.

Granddad Charles image credit telegraph.co.uk

Granddad Charles image credit telegraph.co.uk


Very exciting news indeed, but the prospect of a new child round the palace can be daunting. So I went out and found a few examples of  telly granddads who could offer some practical advice and encouragement for the many stages of grandparenting.


No nappies ? No problem – Pramface



Difficult questions call for distraction – Outnumbered



Cash beats “fun” every time –In with the Flynns



No matter where they’ve been or how old they are, always welcome them home with  a big hug – Doctor Who


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As I’m sure I’ve mentioned before, I’m not much of a royal watcher.  Oohing and aahing over babies is not really my style either.  But as the Duchess of Cambridge’s due date draws near, the inescapable royal baby frenzy grows so I figured I’d better address it.

At this very moment, journalists are stationed outside the maternity wing of the hospital where Kate is supposed to deliver. And it would seem that the offerings of royal baby memorabilia are multiplying  at a very healthy profit…I mean, rate.  Here’s my favorite…pity I don’t own an iPhone.


Royal Baby iPhone cover image credit guardian.co.uk

Royal Baby iPhone cover image credit guardian.co.uk


It goes without saying that there was a bit of baby fever going on in the UK even before the new successor to the throne was conceived.


Presumably the people of Great Britain have a communal interest in this regal child.  He or she symbolizes the continuation of tradition and the preservation of the monarchy.  No doubt this little tot will be privileged, protected and, judging from a genetic standpoint, pretty as well.  The heir will be trained up in preparation for the day when he or she will ascend to the throne and become the figurehead of an entire nation.

Sounds like an awful lot to expect from a newborn, I know. The question on my mind, however, is how will Kate and Will’s little one stack up to these remarkable British telly babies?


1. Alfie Owens aka Stormageddon


Big expressive brown eyes, pinchable chubby cheeks and the ability to converse intelligently with the Doctor is just the beginning of Alfie’s exceptional skill set.  Armed only with a strong pair of  lungs, Alfie was able to save his father’s life.  A plaintive cry was enough to trigger a love so strong that Craig Owens (James Corden) was able to reverse his “conversion” and destroy the Cybermen with his powerful emotions in the process.


2.  Eve Sands  aka The War Child


Eve is the child of George and Nina, two werewolves who died trying to protect their daughter and all of humanity come to that.  She has been left in the care of Annie, a fiercely protective and motherly ghost.  Along with her supernatural comrades Tom (another werewolf) and Hal (a recovering vampire), Annie has sworn to protect Eve who is not just the child of her dearly departed friends, but according to prophecy, the savior of the world.  A terrible burden for such slight shoulders to be sure.


3.   Neil Noel Edmund Smith aka Baby Neil


Oddly enough this is the second baby on the list to play a child of James Corden…but I digress. What makes this baby extraordinary?  Admittedly, he is adorable and seems a good-natured and happy sort of tyke.  Isn’t that enough?  Yet this child, this wee bairn, was able to achieve the unthinkable.  He united two people who could barely stand to look at one another…his parents, Nessa and Smithy.  I don’t know of any modern royal progeny who’s been able to pull off that feat, do you?

So as we await the blessed event (what choice do we have really?) I’ll take this time to think about how much I treasure my own babies , both who are in their twenties now.  Whether you’re a pauper or a prince, all parents experience a fierce, almost overwhelming love for their newborns. Will and Kate have no idea how their lives are about to be transformed.

I’ll leave you with this thought provoking quote from Call the Midwife‘s Sister Monica Joan- in one of her more lucid moments:


Sister Monica Joan image credit bbc.co.uk

Sister Monica Joan image credit bbc.co.uk


“When do you suppose babies became so very precious?  Are they more valued now because they can survive or do they survive because they are more valued?”

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