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I just happened to glance at Facebook today right as the bombshell announcement was made  –  Matt Smith will be leaving Doctor Who after this year’s Christmas special.  Not a total surprise, but a recent pronouncement found on more than a few internet sites certainly led one to believe that he would continue as the mad man in a blue box for another series.  In a show that’s produced its share of red herrings, I wasn’t expecting one from the star himself.

Matt Smith and the Tardis image credit guardian.co.uk

Matt Smith and the Tardis image credit guardian.co.uk

I’m not complaining. Matt’s run has been significant in quantity and quality.  His eccentric, energetic, emotional portrayal of the 11th regeneration was always a joy to watch. Even though he was the youngest actor ever to play the role, he made you believe he was a millennial alien time traveler. His interesting, expressive face helped – my husband was always mentioning his noticeable lack of eyebrows – but I think he also had the courage to take risks and the talent to pull it off.

And while the modern Doctors have nowhere near the number of episodes under their belts as the classic ones did, Smith’s 44 episodes approached the David Tennant mark of 49 and we all know they both far exceeded the aloof 9th Doctor’s total of 13 paltry episodes.

Why did Eccleston even bother?  There were companions who logged double and almost triple that amount.

After the painful departure of the 10th Doctor, I learned that the grief caused by a regeneration takes time to heal.  And whereas flirty, charismatic Tennant’s exit left me with the ache of a slightly besotted fangirl, Smith’s farewell is more likely to feel like the loss of a mischievous but beloved little brother.

Until I feel ready to accept a new Time Lord into my heart (and I will not waste my time speculating who the replacement will be), I will take comfort in some fond memories of the brilliant 11th Doctor…

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Best of luck to Matt Smith on the next chapter of his career.  Geronimo!





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