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This week’s Five for Friday list concerns the return of the beloved comedy/drama Doc Martin. The seventh (and reportedly final) series is currently airing in the UK on ITV and will soon be available in the US. The streaming service Acorn TV will premiere episodes one and two on Monday, October 5 with a new installment added every Monday through November 16. I’ve had an advance look and here’s five reasons why I think it’s worth coming back to Portwenn one more time.

1.The Doc starts therapy

Martin meets with therapist Dr. Timoney (Emily Bevan) image credit Buffalo Pictures

Martin meets with his new therapist 
image credit Buffalo Pictures

As you may recall, at the end if series six, a physically and emotionally battered Louisa (Caroline Catz) decided she needed time away to think about Martin and their marriage.  She packed up herself and baby James and headed to Spain to stay with her mother. Upon leaving Louisa strongly hinted that, in order for their relationship to progress, it might be a good thing for Martin to start seeing a therapist to deal with his myriad problems.

In series seven, Martin takes this request to heart and with a recommendation from his Aunt Ruth (Eileen Atkins) seeks out a therapist, Dr. Rachel Timoney (Emily Bevan). Louisa is pleasantly surprised when she learns of Martin’s compliance with her wishes. That is until she is summoned into a meeting with Dr. Timoney who seems to suggest that Martin is not the only one with issues.


2. The opening of Portwenn Fishing Holidays

Al Large (Joe Absolom) with his first unfortunate B&B guest image credit Buffalo Pictures

Al Large (Joe Absolom) with his first unfortunate B&B guest played by Gavin and Stacey’s Melanie Walters
image credit Buffalo Pictures

Also at the end of the last series, Al Large (Joe Absolom) convinced Ruth Ellingham to go into business with him. He planned to turn the farmhouse she inherited from her sister Joan into a bed and breakfast and the property into a retreat for fresh and seawater fishing which he would manage as well.

After a series of frustrating medical delays with the builders he hired, Al is now ready to welcome his first paying customers, the Merchants. Despite his best efforts, Al can’t catch a break and Mrs. Merchant seems to bear the brunt of every misfortune visited upon the enterprise of Portwenn Fishing Holidays.

3. Lots of Martin’s adorable pal, Buddy

Buddy and Doc image credit Neil Genower

Buddy and Doc
image credit Neil Genower and ITV

From the very beginning, we have witnessed the village dogs’ utter and inexplicable adoration for the Doc regardless of his obvious animosity towards them. This pattern continues in series seven with Martin reaching such a level of frustration that he resolves to take care of the Buddy problem for good. As you know, Martin Clunes, the actor who plays Dr. Ellingham, is a renowned lover of canines so I don’t think any harm will come to our little terrier friend.


4. Guest stars

Martin reunites with former co-star Caroline Quentin image credit Neil Genower and ITV

Martin reunites with former co-star Caroline Quentin
image credit Neil Genower and ITV

Besides the aforementioned Melanie Walters who played Stacey’s mum Gwen in Gavin and Stacey, there are a few other actors making guest appearances this series that you’re sure to recognize. Comedy character actress Rosie Cavaliero (Jam and Jerusalem, Spy, Hunderby and A Young Doctor’s Notebook) plays the new radio DJ in Portwenn. Though I haven’t seen the episode yet, Sigourney Weaver has been confirmed as a guest star this season as well. But I was most pleased to see Martin Clunes reunited with his former girlfriend from Men Behaving Badly, Caroline Quentin. There are some great antagonistic scenes between Dr. Ellingham and Quentin’s strong-willed holistic vet, Angela Sim.


5. Lots of Martin being rude

Just in case you were concerned that Martin’s exploits into therapy would render him completely unrecognizable, emotionally speaking, never fear! There’s still plenty of abrupt, blunt and surly Dr. Ellingham to go around.

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