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This week has been about recognition of strong women – Thursday was International Women’s Day and today is Mothering Sunday in the UK.

Make no mistake, motherhood is definitely not for sissies; especially for those women who are raising the children (and sometimes, grandchildren) all on their own due to divorce or widowhood. Their grit, persistence and fierce love is inspiring.

Here are just a few examples of tough telly mums:

Louisa Durrell (Keeley Hawes) – The Durrells in Corfu

A widow and mother of four, Louisa takes a leap of faith to start a new life for her family in Greece. It’s a daily struggle to put food on the table and keep a roof over their heads, never mind maintaining the animal sanctuary her youngest child has established.

Sgt. Catherine Cawood (Sarah Lancashire) – Happy Valley

A 47 year old police officer, Catherine is divorced, lives with her sister who’s a recovering heroin addict, has two grown up children; one dead and one who doesn’t speak to her, and a grandson.

Related image

Polly Gray (Helen McCrory) – Peaky Blinders

When she became a widow, Polly had her children removed from her care. She’s recently been reunited with her son Michael who made the choice, contrary to his mother’s wishes, to join of her crime syndicate family.

bbc two peaky6 GIF by BBC

DS Ellie Miller (Olivia Colman)- Broadchurch

Ellie is divorced and a working mother of two. First she had to come to grips with the fact that her husband was a murderer. Then her teenage son starts peddling porn. This mum is not a happy camper.

Image result for broadchurch ellie gif

Violet Crawley, The Dowager Countess of Grantham (Dame Maggie Smith) – Downton Abbey

The no-nonsense matriarch of an aristocratic family, the Dowager’s main concern is keeping her family’s reputation and fortunes intact. She expresses her love in blunt, but constructive terms.

Image result for dowager countess gif


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Being a telly addict, I often have several series on the go at once. So understandably I get characters, plots or other details confused from time to time.  Especially when the genre of the shows are similar.

However, over this post-holiday week my goal was to finish not only Game of Thrones season 7, but also series 4 of Peaky Blinders. Who knew a medieval fantasy epic and a post WWI crime drama would have so much in common? I started to get a bit muddled going back and forth between the two programs and put it down to binge fatigue.  However, when I stopped to examine the situation more closely, I found it wasn’t just a middle-aged brain with too little sleep to blame. The two shows actually have more in common that you might expect.

What follows are just a few examples. (BEWARE! OODLES OF SPOILERS LIE AHEAD!)

1. Family Vendettas

Game of Thrones – Multiple blood feuds including Arya Stark avenging her family by poisoning the Freys


Peaky Blinders-The Changrettas ambush the Shelbys for a start


2. Characters who have second (or more) sight

Game of Thrones – Bran Stark- the Three-Eyed Raven


Peaky Blinders – Aunt Polly, especially since her brush with the noose


3. Fist Fights where the little guy wins

GOT- Theon Greyjoy finally grows a pair (figuratively, of course) and stands up for his kidnapped sister


Peaky Blinders- Tommy’s fighter Bonnie Gold faces an aptly named Goliath


4. Unexpected Resurrections

Game of Thrones – Dead Viserion = sad! Viserion reanimated by the Night King = bad!!!


Peaky Blinders – Arthur became the second Shelby fatality of the vendetta, or did he?


5. Aidan Gillen played a killer

Game of Thrones- The Irish actor gave his swan song as slimy manipulator Petyr “Littlefinger” Baelish


Peaky Blinders- New character introduced this series, Romany hitman, Aberama Gold


They say there are only seven basic plots in storytelling, right? Additional comparisons are welcome as I’m sure I haven’t exhausted the list.







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Twitter UK logo

Twitter UK logo

It’s been five years and a few months since I started my Twitter account.   A slow and frustrating process, I’ve learned by trial and error what and how to tweet. I like to think I’ve got a handle on this social media medium by now despite the fact I’ve only amassed 328 followers thus far. It’s definitely a two steps forward one step back sort of proposition.  I don’t know if being on Twitter has driven previously unreachable readers to my blogs, but I have found it to be rewarding as means of communication with all sorts of people.

I’ve had the opportunity to talk to published authors about their books. I found @LissaKEvans to be particularly gracious and approachable.

I was sent movie stills for a library screening of Tell Them of Us (@ww1Film) though Twitter contact.

I have voted to rescue talented young people from being eliminated from TV singing competitions. (#VoiceSaveOwen)

Mostly I can discuss British telly and culture in instantaneous and verbally economical exchanges with a subset of people who know who and what I’m talking about. They’re my witty, supportive virtual friends and they include bloggers such as @FrivolousMonsta and @LukeCustardtv.

But if the fan girl in me is honest, I have to admit the possibility of celebrity contact is what brings me back to check my feed time and again. I follow mostly British comedians and other creative types because, above all, I want my Twitter life to be more sparkling and clever than my real one. While one can never be certain, it’s painfully obvious in some cases that the feed isn’t maintained by the actual celebrity. Some like the tweets of Noel Fielding (@noelfielding11) are obviously being generated by the man himself. Besides all the photos he’s sharing from his North American tour, who else would say something like this?

In a way, Twitter has become, for me, a sort of metaphysical autograph book if you will. What follows are examples of some of my close encounters with luminaries across the sea.

Chris O’Dowd aka @BigBoyler – Mr. O’Dowd follows me on Twitter which, in my universe anyhow, is a huge deal. I’m not sure how it happened, but my best explanation is that I was reading a tweet by Chris followed by the resulting replies when I came upon a spoiler for a movie O’Dowd was featured in called Calvary. I called the guy out for ruining the ending before people in the US had seen it and next thing I know, I get notified that Chris is following me! I like to think he liked my chutzpah, but he probably was trying to make up for the rogue tweeter’s faux pas. No matter, since then I’ve had no interactions with the lanky Irishman whatsoever, but at least he’s stayed around silently in the shadows, reading my tweets and smiling.

Chris O'Dowd twitter


Brenda Blethyn aka @BrendaBlethyn – More exciting than having this amazing actress follow me on Twitter (which she does) is the fact that I got to conduct a phone interview with her last year. When I tweeted about my experience, she kindly acknowledged our meeting. A classy lady and a judging by her tweets, an avid theater and arts supporter to boot.

Brenda Blethyn twitter

Count Arthur Strong aka @Arthur_Strong – I’ve had the great fortune to have several exchanges with Arthur (or the actor who created him, Steve Delaney). His tweets make and his sitcom make me laugh like nothing else. We’ve discussed trouser fires, show rankings and his  aversion to Game of Thrones. But my favorite was the very Arthurian answer he came up with below.

Count Arthur Strong twitter

Miranda Hart aka @mermhart- I never could have imagined I’d ever achieve Twitter communion with one of my British comedy idols, but it finally happened about a year ago. And just so you know, I kept my promise and went to see Spy in the theater. No lie, Miranda was in it quite a lot.

Miranda Hart twitter


Chetna Makan aka @chetnamakan- I have had likes and brief replies from several GBBO contestants including Richard Burr, Iain Watters and Luis Troyano. But I’ve found Chetna to be the most responsive of the former TV baking show contestants. She responds promptly and her appreciation of your interest and support feels so genuine.

Chetna Twitter

Reece Shearsmith aka @ReeceShearsmith- Now with Mr. Shearsmith I had to work a bit harder. I’d been tweeting complimentary remarks about his work in hopes of getting him to acknowledge my presence. Finally I pestered him for info about the upcoming series of Inside No. 9…and he took the bait!

Reece Shearsmith twitter

Others have retweeted and liked some of my input, most recently the two fine gentlemen you see pictured below. Each notification brings with it a little thrill that someone whose work I value has taken a moment to affirm my wish to connect with them.                                                        

Eddie Marsan @eddiemarsan

Eddie Marsan @eddiemarsan


Greg McHugh @gregjmchugh


In fact my very first celebrity “favorite” (now designated as “likes”) came from Russell Tovey aka @russelltovey. At that time I thanked him for his small but meaningful gesture which he then proceeded to “like” as well.

Russell Tovey twitter


I still have others in my sights including the aforementioned Noel Fielding, Richard Ayoade, David Mitchell and Sarah Millican to name a few. Just to clarify, I will not resort to the out and out plea for them to follow me because it’s my birthday or something. It’s annoying and requires no real thought. I will earn my tweets the hard way – with ingenuity, perseverance and maybe just a bit of old fashioned flattery. I can only imagine those hard earned tweets will be the sweetest of them all.

I’d really enjoy hearing who is in your Twitter “autograph book” or about your experiences in general. If you don’t follow me currently and would like to, you can remedy that by clicking the Follow button to your right under Telly Quotes and Other Tweetables!


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It’s that time of year again when thoughts turn to hearts and flowers and bloggers try to find a new angle on the Valentine’s Day post. Looking back I have explored telly couples who were obviously destined for one another and, on the flip side, other pairings that probably weren’t a very good idea. This year I’m examining that tried and true plot device, the love triangle, in which one character has to choose between two (and sometimes more) suitors. I’ve compiled five examples of this exhilarating yet often heartbreaking scenario and at the end I’m going to ask you to vote for the trio who you felt did it best.

Miranda, Gary and Mike from Miranda

Once the poster girl for lonely hearts, now Miranda’s facing an embarrassment of riches (or proposals, as it were)!


Ross, Elizabeth and Demelza from Poldark

This is what happens when everyone thinks you’ve died in a far off war and it’s best for your betrothed to just move on. And then you meet a fire-haired street urchin…


Amy, Rory and The Doctor from Doctor Who

Miss Pond has carried a torch for the Doctor since they met (as adults anyway). Despite the fact that she married Rory, it takes some time for her husband to believe she prefers him over the fascinating Time Lord.


Assumpta, Leo and Peter from Ballykissangel 

What to do when you fall for a priest? Get married to an old school beau, that’s what.


Gillian, Robbie and John from Last Tango in Halifax

Considering Gillian’s track record with men, you could argue this one is a love square or perhaps even a pentagon. But since Robbie and John are her only age appropriate suitors, I feel I this qualifies as a three-sided love affair.

image credit Courtesy of Ben Blackall/© Anthony and Cleopatra Series Ltd

image credit Courtesy of Ben Blackall/© Anthony and Cleopatra Series Ltd


Now you decide. Take our poll and have your Valentine’s Day say!





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When I read that Channel 4’s The IT Crowd debuted ten years ago this week, I thought, “Great! This will be a fun and easy topic to write about.” As a dedicated fan of this slightly surreal, smart and sometimes slapsticky sitcom, I wouldn’t need to do any research. In fact, I could talk about Jen Barber (Katherine Parkinson), Maurice Moss (Richard Ayoade) and Roy Trenneman (Chris O’Dowd), the staffers of Reynholm Industries’ subterranean IT department, ad nauseam. Easy peasy, right?

Not at all! Counting this version you are reading on your screen, I have started this post over four times. I thought of highlighting each character, choosing my favorite episodes out of the show’s four series run or focusing or what I felt was the strongest of the lot which for me would be series three. Series four was the weakest in my opinion. I had too much to say and no original thoughts on how to organize them.

My Chris O'Dowd autographed copy of The IT Crowd Series 3

My Chris O’Dowd autographed copy of The IT Crowd Series 3

One problem I tend to have with any post is finding just the right YouTube clips to illustrate my point. This issue gets magnified when you know the show so well that you spend hours looking for a certain scene only to find the video just isn’t out there.

So in the end, what I decided to do is share ten of my favorite YouTube-accessible IT Crowd moments. I figured if I don’t do it now the moment will have passed and I will have deprived you all of the laughs you desperately deserve this weekend – particularly if you aren’t an American football fan. In fact, think of these clips as alternative viewing – the anti-Superbowl, if you will. Those familiar with the show have to know where I’m heading with this, right?

Are We Not Men? Series 3 Episode 2

Roy and Moss think the key to happiness is knowing how to behave like manly football hooligans. That is until they actually attend a match…


Meanwhile in the same episode Jen has to find a way to break up with a new boyfriend. Again.


Calamity Jen Series 1 Episode 2

Moss shows his capacity to keep a cool head when an emergency strikes at the office…


Italian for Beginners Series 4 Episode 4

And speaking of fires in strange places…


50/50 Series 1 Episode 3

Roy has a disastrous date and sets out to prove to Jen that woman only love bastards…


The Work Outing Series 2 Episode 1

When Jen allows her co-workers to accompany her to the theatre, she learns that Roy and Moss probably shouldn’t leave the basement. Ever.


The Dinner Party Series 2 Episode 4

Despite the experience immediately preceding this one, Jen foolishly invites her employees to a dinner party…


Calendar Geeks Series 3 Episode 6

In his never-ending quest to pull one of the pretty women on the 7th floor, Roy agrees to be the official photographer for a charity calendar celebrating “geek chic”…


The Speech Series 3 Episode 4

No retrospective of The IT Crowd would be complete without including Reynholm Industries’ culturally ignorant, lecherous but somehow likable CEO Douglas Reynholm (Matt Berry). Here’s an example of how he charms the press…


Reynholm vs Reynholm Series 4 Episode 6

And finally I’m killing two birds with one stone by featuring my favorite recurring character Richmond Avenal (Noel Fielding) while also showcasing one of the clever fake promotional clips that were featured on show over the years. This is the return of Richmond (who disappeared after series two) and his new business venture.


If you enjoyed this stroll down memory lane, please share your favorite moments from the basement and beyond. If you’re new to The IT Crowd and these snippets have made you peckish for more, you can watch all four series on US Netflix or Hulu. Only Hulu offers the one-off special which aired in 2011 and you don’t want to miss that one. Moss learns about the magic powers of women’s slacks!

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Today is the Great American Smokeout, a day when the American Cancer Society encourages people to make a plan to stop smoking. So of course my mind turns to British TV and some of its characters who could probably use a little help kicking the habit. Granted some of them come from period dramas set in a time when the deleterious effects of smoking were not fully known.

Perhaps they can take a page out of Sherlock’s book and stock up on nicotine patches?


1.Thomas from Downton Abbey

Thomas Barrow (Rob James-Collier) with the ubiquitous fag hanging from his lips image credit Carnival Film & Television and ITV

Villain-ish Thomas Barrow (Rob James-Collier) with a ubiquitous fag hanging from his lips. You may recall he used to take smoking breaks with his partner in crime O’Brien (Siobhan Finneran) before she left Downton for warmer climes
image credit Carnival Film & Television and ITV


2.  Jane Tennison from Prime Suspect

DCI Tennison's (Helen Mirren) high pressure job surely takes a toll for which smoking (and drinking) provide some temporary relief image credit Granada Television

DCI Tennison’s (Helen Mirren) high pressure job surely takes a toll for which smoking (and drinking) provide some temporary relief
image credit Granada Television


3.  Bernard Black from Black Books

Bernard Black (Dylan Moran) might be happy if he could just smoke...and drink  and read. image credit Assembly Film and Television and Channel 4

Bernard Black (Dylan Moran) thinks he could be happy if he could just smoke…and drink and read.
image credit Assembly Film and Television and Channel 4


4.  Eddie and Patsy from Absolutely Fabulous

Hedonistic Eddie (Jennifer Saunders) and Patsy (Joanna Lumley) are rarely seen without a ciggie or a drink. (Is a pattern emerging here?) Image credit French & Saunders Productions and BBC

Hedonistic Eddie (Jennifer Saunders) and Patsy (Joanna Lumley) are rarely seen without a ciggie and a drink. (Is a pattern emerging here?) Addiction is a way of life for these best friends.
Image credit French & Saunders Productions and BBC


5. Dr. Turner from Call the Midwife

Dr. Turner (Stephen McGann) and the former Sister Bernadette, now Shelagh Turner (Laura Main) share a smoke. Even though it's the late 50's/early 60's, you'd think medical professionals would know better image credit Neal Street Productions, BBC

Dr. Turner (Stephen McGann) and the former Sister Bernadette, now Shelagh Turner (Laura Main) share a smoke. Despite being set in the late 50’s/early 60’s, you’d think medical professionals would know better, especially our good doctor.
image credit Neal Street Productions, BBC


Wishing the best of luck to all those who are attempting to quit smoking today! It road is hard, but the benefits are undeniable.

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Just thought I’d shoot off a quick Five for Friday to remind everyone that it’s Mo-vember, that month-long campaign to raise awareness of men’s health issues by growing some hair above your lip. For those of you who are already sporting a bit of stubble, here are a few examples you might want to aspire to.


Ronnie Barker as Albert Arkwright in Open All Hours image credit BBC

Ronnie Barker as Albert Arkwright in Open All Hours
image credit BBC


Stephen Fry as General Melchett on Blackadder Goes Forth image credit BBC

Stephen Fry as General Melchett in Blackadder Goes Forth
image credit BBC


David Suchet as Hercule Poirot image credit Carnival Film & Television

David Suchet as Hercule Poirot
image credit Carnival Film & Television


John Cleese as Basil Fawlty in Fawlty Towers image credit BBC

John Cleese as Basil Fawlty in Fawlty Towers
image credit BBC


James Nesbitt at Tommy Murphy in Murphy's Law image credit Tiger Aspect Productions

James Nesbitt at Tommy Murphy in Murphy’s Law
image credit Tiger Aspect Productions

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credit image Talkback Thames and BBC

credit image Talkback Thames and BBC

As you’ve probably heard, Stephen Fry is stepping down as the erudite presenter of the long running comedy panel show QI.  The newest  series, which has already been recorded and begins airing on BBC Two this weekend, will be Fry’s thirteenth and final attempt to impart obscure knowledge and relieve us of the misconceptions and old wives’ tales we’ve held to be true all these years.

So as Mr. Fry bids adieu to QI viewers, I thought it was the perfect time to focus on some of the more amusing, dare I say even silly, moments from series past.

Cockney Rhyming Slang – A lover of words, dialects and language in general, Fry’s attempt at Cockney rhyming slang comes across a little too middle class. Taking the piss out of their esteemed presenter for his posh background is a favorite pastime of Alan Davies and his guest colleagues Bill Bailey and Phill Jupitus.


The “Acropolis where the Parthenon is” tongue twister- Stephen’s normally nimble tongue fails him on a question about the Acropolis. Alan Davies, Bill Bailey, Jimmy Carr and Rob Brydon take advantage of this usual moment of speechlessness from their host to behave like naughty school boys taunting a substitute (or for my UK friends, supply) teacher.


A Bewildering Array of Scottish Accents- Stephen puts his ear for accents to the test in this clip. From Billy Connolly and Mrs. Doubtfire to something approaching David Tennant, Fry impressed and possibly confused his panelists by producing at least four distinctly different Scottish dialects.


Sampling Snuff- Surely encouraging the likes of Ross Noble, Noel Fielding and Alan Davies to experiment with flavored varieties of snuff was never going to be a good idea. Despite the risk, host and babysitter Stephen Fry passes it out anyhow which results in nastily stained handkerchiefs and temporary blindness.


Alan and Stephen, a Complicated Relationship- From the very beginning, week in and week out, it’s been Stephen Fry and Alan Davies together on QI. They have a playfully antagonistic rapport on screen that is highlighted by exchanges like this one. Seeing as how Fry called his co-star a “wonder of nature” in his leaving announcement, I have to think all the ribbing is mostly for show…


In the end, I feel a bit melancholy about the news of Fry’s departure.  I wish the best of luck to his successor, Sandi Toksvig, but I can’t help thinking that QI without Fry at the helm will never be quite as interesting.


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This week I started watching a mediocre sitcom on the UK’s Gold TV channel called Marley’s Ghosts. While nothing to shout about, it did give me my inspiration for this week’s Five for Friday and, seeing as Halloween is approaching, what could be more appropriate than TV apparitions.

Marley’s Ghosts

Marley (Sarah Alexander) finds herself losing loved ones and acquaintances left and right. First her drunken and indifferent husband Adam (John Hannah) followed in quick succession by her lover/work colleague Michael (Nicholas Burns) and the vicar (Jo Joyner) who officiated Adam’s funeral. Now Marley has a trio of ghosts following her everywhere and she’s not dealing with it very well. Is it Marley or her spectral shadows that are in need of closure?


Being Human‘s Annie

Though viewers were introduced to many an intriguing ghost in the course of this series, it cannot be debated that Annie Sawyer is the most endearing motherly poltergeist you’d ever want to meet. Sure, she has unfinished business which prevents her from leaving through Death’s Door, but she keeps the house ship shape and her boys in line. Annie is always there with a cup of tea and a sympathetic ear. But murder her and she doesn’t play so nicely…


The Fades

Speaking of unfinished business, what if you couldn’t complete the process of dying? Then you might be a Fade. The Fades aren’t exactly ghosts, but they’re pretty darn close. They are humans who have died, but weren’t able to get through one of the world’s quickly diminishing ascension points. They are trapped on Earth, doomed to age and decay while their loved ones, unaware of their torment, move on with their lives. It’s understandable then that these living corpses might get a bit down in the mouth.


Last Tango in Halifax

It’s probably more accurate to say that Kate (Nina Sosanya) is a figment of Caroline’s (Sarah Lancashire) grief-stricken imagination than a ghost. Whatever she is, Kate’s sudden death is haunting Caroline all the same. It’ll take time and several more chats with her beloved for Caroline to finally let go of this gentle, loving soul.

Caroline coping with grief by talking to "ghost" Kate image credit Red Production Co and BBC

Caroline coping with her loss by talking to “ghost” Kate
image credit Red Production Co and BBC


The Black Adder’s Richard III

Decapitation is one of the risks of war in the Middle Ages, I suppose. However, when you’re struck down by the “friendly sword” of one of your underlings, you’re bound to be irritated. Haunting (complete with mortifying name calling) is just what a recently deceased monarch needs to vent his copious amount of frustration.

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This week’s Five for Friday list concerns the return of the beloved comedy/drama Doc Martin. The seventh (and reportedly final) series is currently airing in the UK on ITV and will soon be available in the US. The streaming service Acorn TV will premiere episodes one and two on Monday, October 5 with a new installment added every Monday through November 16. I’ve had an advance look and here’s five reasons why I think it’s worth coming back to Portwenn one more time.

1.The Doc starts therapy

Martin meets with therapist Dr. Timoney (Emily Bevan) image credit Buffalo Pictures

Martin meets with his new therapist 
image credit Buffalo Pictures

As you may recall, at the end if series six, a physically and emotionally battered Louisa (Caroline Catz) decided she needed time away to think about Martin and their marriage.  She packed up herself and baby James and headed to Spain to stay with her mother. Upon leaving Louisa strongly hinted that, in order for their relationship to progress, it might be a good thing for Martin to start seeing a therapist to deal with his myriad problems.

In series seven, Martin takes this request to heart and with a recommendation from his Aunt Ruth (Eileen Atkins) seeks out a therapist, Dr. Rachel Timoney (Emily Bevan). Louisa is pleasantly surprised when she learns of Martin’s compliance with her wishes. That is until she is summoned into a meeting with Dr. Timoney who seems to suggest that Martin is not the only one with issues.


2. The opening of Portwenn Fishing Holidays

Al Large (Joe Absolom) with his first unfortunate B&B guest image credit Buffalo Pictures

Al Large (Joe Absolom) with his first unfortunate B&B guest played by Gavin and Stacey’s Melanie Walters
image credit Buffalo Pictures

Also at the end of the last series, Al Large (Joe Absolom) convinced Ruth Ellingham to go into business with him. He planned to turn the farmhouse she inherited from her sister Joan into a bed and breakfast and the property into a retreat for fresh and seawater fishing which he would manage as well.

After a series of frustrating medical delays with the builders he hired, Al is now ready to welcome his first paying customers, the Merchants. Despite his best efforts, Al can’t catch a break and Mrs. Merchant seems to bear the brunt of every misfortune visited upon the enterprise of Portwenn Fishing Holidays.

3. Lots of Martin’s adorable pal, Buddy

Buddy and Doc image credit Neil Genower

Buddy and Doc
image credit Neil Genower and ITV

From the very beginning, we have witnessed the village dogs’ utter and inexplicable adoration for the Doc regardless of his obvious animosity towards them. This pattern continues in series seven with Martin reaching such a level of frustration that he resolves to take care of the Buddy problem for good. As you know, Martin Clunes, the actor who plays Dr. Ellingham, is a renowned lover of canines so I don’t think any harm will come to our little terrier friend.


4. Guest stars

Martin reunites with former co-star Caroline Quentin image credit Neil Genower and ITV

Martin reunites with former co-star Caroline Quentin
image credit Neil Genower and ITV

Besides the aforementioned Melanie Walters who played Stacey’s mum Gwen in Gavin and Stacey, there are a few other actors making guest appearances this series that you’re sure to recognize. Comedy character actress Rosie Cavaliero (Jam and Jerusalem, Spy, Hunderby and A Young Doctor’s Notebook) plays the new radio DJ in Portwenn. Though I haven’t seen the episode yet, Sigourney Weaver has been confirmed as a guest star this season as well. But I was most pleased to see Martin Clunes reunited with his former girlfriend from Men Behaving Badly, Caroline Quentin. There are some great antagonistic scenes between Dr. Ellingham and Quentin’s strong-willed holistic vet, Angela Sim.


5. Lots of Martin being rude

Just in case you were concerned that Martin’s exploits into therapy would render him completely unrecognizable, emotionally speaking, never fear! There’s still plenty of abrupt, blunt and surly Dr. Ellingham to go around.

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